Fund raising for construction

Main building of the Hungarian Yoga Association

We are very happy to announce that the most significant undertaking in the development of Ashram has begun. The Hungarian Yoga Association’s ashram has been developed from donations of the Hungarian and international Satyananda Yoga community since 2006. Over the past years we have received countless selfless donations, ranging from a few Euros to tens of thousands, and now now we once again ask the members of the community for help.  After detailed planning and thorough preparation, in 2021 we began constructing the main building, a two-storey house with over 900 square meters of usable floor space, which will enable us to offer programs all year and provide home for those interested in the yogic lifestyle. The foundations and the supporting structure are already complete. The next phase, the masonry and concrete slab, which cost nearly € 45,000  – will require additional funding. Therefore, we ask all those who have the will and means to contribute to the development of the ashram to support the construction with a donation. Thank you in advance! Continue reading “Fund raising for construction”

Ahkanda Kirtan

8-hour mantra singing, 16-18 August

Akhanda kirtan is a potent and easy means to capture the mind. While singing kirtan the mind is filled with sattwa, pure vibrations, and supreme peace and joy are experienced. It purifies the heart and gives many other benefits. No other practice will induce divine, ecstatic states as quickly and as powerfully as akhanda kirtan.
Swami Sivananda Saraswati Continue reading “Ahkanda Kirtan”

Systematic training in Yoga science

In Yogic Studies 1 course students explore and experience key elements of the Satyananda Yoga tradition. They are encouraged to develop all aspects of their being and to witness the natural process of change that occurs with regular yoga practice. The primary focus of the Satyananda system is to develop deeper awareness through personal experience and self-reflection. YS1 provides an understanding of yogic concepts and practice that can be applied in daily life. Continue reading “Systematic training in Yoga science”