Ahkanda Kirtan

8-hour mantra singing, 16-18 August

Akhanda kirtan is a potent and easy means to capture the mind. While singing kirtan the mind is filled with sattwa, pure vibrations, and supreme peace and joy are experienced. It purifies the heart and gives many other benefits. No other practice will induce divine, ecstatic states as quickly and as powerfully as akhanda kirtan.
Swami Sivananda Saraswati


Program includes the 8-hour kirtan singing and a vedic fire ceremony on 17th August and karma yoga on 18th August.

The Hungarian Yoga Association, in Szolad, Hungary, Arany János street. We kindly request our guests and visitors to adapt to our rules.

Suitable for all. Families with kids are welcome to come.

Option 1: Camping in the field at the venue free of charge.
Option 2: staying in a local villager’s house for EUR 11/night. 2-3 beds per room.

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served during your stay.

Bookings can be made by filling in the online booking form.
Closing day of applications: 11 August 2019.
Full payment must accompany all bookings and is preferred at least two weeks in advance to ensure your place.

Program fee includes full program and meals.
€75 for people coming from West-Europe, €50 for people coming from East-Europe. This is due to the significant difference in average income between Eastern and Western countries of Europe.

How to pay
Option 1: Cash on site at the time of registration
Option 2: Bank transfer to Satyananda Yoga Fundation Hungary
Beneficiary’s name: Satyananda Yoga Foundation Hungary
Name of the Bank: CIB Bank
Bank Address: Budapest, Medve utca 4-14.
Account number: 10700505-66317678-5000005
IBAN: HU89 1070 0505 6631 7678 5000 0005

Arrival and registration: 16 August, 16-18pm or 17 August, 8.30-9.30am
Program starts: 17 August, 10am
Program ends: 17 August, 19pm

How to get there
By train from Budapest, Deli train station to Balatonszarszo station. From there there is a regular bus service to Szolad.

By car: Leave the M7 motorway at the „130km” exit and follow the road to Szolad. In Szolad take the first left and follow the street to the very end

What to bring
Your own tent if you are camping
Sleeping bag
Yoga mat
Suitable clothes for yoga class as well as outdoor activities
Sun hat, sunglasses
Slip-on shoes and covered shoes
Water bottle
Toiletries (biodegradable, non-scented products if possible)
Alarm clock
Pen and paper