Our programs and courses

We conduct the following courses and programs leading practitioners to different branches and practices of Satyananda Yoga / Bihar Yoga tradition. Practices of our tradition are based on Yoga Chakra system of Swami Satyananda consisting hatha yoga, raja yoga techniques originating from vedanta and tantra, eg. shatkarma, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, yama, niyama, pratyahara, concentration and meditation. The Yoga Chakra system also incorporates kriya, karma, bhakti and gyana yoga.

Yoga Classes for Health and Relaxation in English
We invite you to yoga classes conducted in English at our beautiful downtown yoga center from 5 March.


Yoga and Meditation for Focus and Energy

Weekend Seminar with Swami Anandananda, 4-5 May

The central part of this seminar will be a thorough introduction to the ancient meditation technique of Ajapa Japa. In Ajapa Japa the breath is utilized in combination with inner visualisation and silent mantra repetition. This leads to an awakening of prana (energy) stabilizing and concentrating the mind and bringing it into stillness.

Summer yoga retreat

We invite you to a special summer yoga retreat at the Hungarian Yoga Associaton, conducted by 5 experienced international yoga teachers of the Satyananda Yoga-Bihar Yoga tradition. The foundation of the program will be the systematic practice of different branches of yoga. At this retreat you will have the opportunity to deepen your practice of mantra, hatha yoga shatkarmas, asana and pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation, kirtan and havan.